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sonoma county or anywhere else. >> when you say this is not a random crime what do you mean by that? how do you know that. >> i'm not going to get into the detail ts of our ngs at this time. it's too early. >> the sheriff spokesman said none of the suspects actually lived here but that one of them has family member associated with the property. the spokesman says a neighbor reported hearing gunshots but won't say whether anyone heard any arguing or any other noises before the shooting. >> triple had hads are unusual. >> do you know when the last time is there's been one in sonoma county. >> you know, i would be guessing somewhere back in the early 80s. >> lieutenant o'leary says they are doing interviews right now, and they expect it will lead to some developments rather quickly. reporting live in sonoma county joe vasquez cbs 5. we don't usually talk about traffic problems on your 11:00 news but you got to take a look at this. tonight bay area drivers had to
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take evasive action to avoid hitting a camel. drivers called 911 and kpix 5 reporter tells us the 911 folks called in some cowboys. >> then we got called to check it out. yes. this was an unusual road was a camel that actually escaped twice today. this camel has a name. his name is rudy, and he's known here in this area. tonight it was touch and go trying to get him back in a trailer. tonight half a dozen east bay cowboys had the tricky task of corralling rudy into this trailer along bailey road. several ropes were attached to the camel and truck to help guide rude di into the trailer. we intentionally did not turn on our camera lights so we wouldn't spook him. >> this is quite a big assignment here. >> i' been a cowboy my whole life. all i've ever done is work with
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cows. on the ranch it's creative ingenuity. whatever you figure out is whatever is going to work especially here on bailey road. we need to get this thing in the trailer. >> this afternoon rudy was walking south on bailey road, cars reportedly swerving to miss him. this camel weighs more than a ton
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. >> woild wild. that one has it on his resume now. camel wrangler. >> that's right. who knew handful of them ready to go to get that camel back in the trailer. >> all right. rudy get back if your barn. thanks jowl yet. well governor brown is taking on the cowboys in texas who are trying to lure california companies away. here's his response to a new radio campaign out of the lone star state. >> should i liken it to standby. >> a lot of these are coming
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here. they don't go back. >> they have the one liners with by texas govern eric perry. he makes regular trips southwest as well trying to convince california companies to move. >> we all know the bay area real estate market is crazy right now. home prices are skyrocketing again, rent out of control but check out what found for sale today. kip. >> well, wen this is 856 maria lane in sunny vil and typically a house like this would go for about $800,000, but the asking price is well into the seven digits. now at first glance it would seem the bay area housing market has gone haywire. home sweet home. >> home sweet home. >> it's a nearly 1700 square foot home with four bedrooms.
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>> one and a half baths one of which was built during the rose field administration with wall heaters and a spacious kitchen with no dishwasher and original cabinets. asking price. >> we're asking 198. >> are you crazy. >> yeah. >> before you scoff consider this. the 80-year-old house sits on a third of aven acre so a developer could demolish it and build a half dozen town homes like these for 800k each. what's more this map shows the new audiotape l will be 1.3 miles away. it will draw 13,000 new employees to an already high demand cut-throat market. >> all those employees are going to have to have a place to live and that's why this area here is great in my feeling. >> the house appeared on a list compiled by blogger shen lou called scary shack over half a million like this one in albany for half a million dollars or
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this one for 585,000 or this one in downtown berkeley for $600,000. they all three things in common. run down buildings on big lots with intraet great locations. >> these days between the condition of the building and the price it's harder to tell which is scarier. >> and we -- we may very well see more situations like this, especially in cities that add workers but don't have the empty lots to build new houses. by the way this house actually did get a couple of offers. ken. >> all right. thank you for that. we learn today that the jeep that plowed into a car was stolen. the crash was caught on surveillance video. police say the jeep was taken moments before it slamd into the honda at 36 and foothill in oakland yesterday. the woman behind the wheel of that stolen jeep was killed. the honda driver was not seriously hurt. and tonight one bay area city has a very unusual message
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for drivers. speed up. again? speed up. well, kpix 5 reporter ann has learned why san ramon wants some people to drive faster. >> it's 30 miles an hour along the boulevard and in a few weeks, 35 on this stretch will be legal. >> i think people drive that fast, 5 miles to 10 miles over the speed limit anyway, and i don't see any accidents or anything so it doesn't concern me. >> but it doesn't sit well with everyone. >> do you prefer a slower sliment. >> i do. i do. just because slower means safer people safer kids. >> stand amount just completed its mandatory survey of many streets and many speed limits were just too slow. the average driver was already going faster than the posted limit and yet still driving safely. in the interest of alleviating congestion they decided to change the speed limit on portions of busy streets upping
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the limit by five to ten miles an hour. >> i think overall it's a good thing to do. maybe looking at the traffic patterns, the traffic lights. >> conducting the survey helps identify traffic issues but there's also a monetary incentive. the only way police officers can write speegd tickets that stick is for the city to have a valid speed survey wouchlt one it's easier for drivers to win challenges in court. >> well, police will start enforcing the new speed limits on february 22nd. coming up, a neighborhood landmark with a shady past. why cops say it's really part of a stalker's twist. >> pulling out. pulling on the clock. what happened when we confronted them. plus an unexpected side effect in diet soda and alcohol. it is not often we say this in the bay area that we are
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drier than a desert. so far this year exactly the says. we've had a half inch of rain. phoenix nearly triple that. when do we get rain fall? let you know the two days that are looking wet coming up announcer: cbs wednesday, a csi event. i'm looking for d.b. russell. announcer: a crime in vegas... taylor: where is she? how well do you know christine? i love this woman. announcer: ...ends in new york. ♪ i follow you down... ♪ i'll call my team. ♪ through the eye of the storm... ♪ taylor: you heard what he said. she's going to die. i'm coming with you. stokes: we got a body. (groans) where is she?! announcer: only cbs.
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murdered. . we are getting a look at the last-known image of a 13-year-old bay area girl who was found murdered. genelle conway allen last seen thursday afternoon near gran decircle in fairfield. she was found dead the next morning at allen witt park about three miles away. she had been strangled according to police. so far there's no word on a motive or any suspects. police tell us they'll have more to say about the case tomorrow. a brentwood family wants to know the you've seen this woman their daughter 21-year-old tori stephen soften. she was last seen friday in san francisco. her mother says tori's boyfriend dropped her off for a job interview in tenderloin. she told him she'd call him an hour later to pick her up, but no one has heard from her since. >> tori, if you see this, please call me. call mike. call the san francisco police,
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we will come and get you. we will come and get you anywhere you are. please, please call. >> this young woman is 5 foot 4 and 110 pounds with long brown hair hazel eyes, and tattoos on her forearms. it's an icon in one bay area neighborhood but turns out this elaborate labyrinth has a criminal past. it appeared in san francisco's burro heights neighborhood a few years ago. kpix 5 reporter found out cops say it's all part of a stalker's twisted plot. >> at first blush it looks like nothing more than a pile of rocks in a claering off heights boulevard but lake a look from on high. this is a carefully constructed labyrinth. >> it's very peaceful. you walk around it. it's really nice. >> one this community has come to cherish. >> i love it. >> labyrinth appeared mistierously some time in 2008.
11:14 pm
>> somebody anonymous made it. >> but now it appears that someone has a shady past. this is the handy work of aven alleged stalker who is on trial. >> there was a guy who was stalking a young girl, made the labyrinth for her and invited her to come through and walk through it. >> how bizarre. >> wow. this is really intense. that makes me feel less good about it. >> another guy that doesn't know when to, you know, let go. >> the san francisco district attorney's office says 34-year-old cesar lopez, a self-described artist, is now on trial, that he stalked the girl for ten years and blogged about her in this online forum. he also erected labyrinths, one in her image and finally this one, which led to his arrest. the stalking finally ended last year when lopez invited the girl to the labyrinth for a so-called clensingly ritual, instead police met him here.
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neighbors say the checkered back story only adds to the labyrinth's history. >> art comes from weird places sometimes. >> live in san francisco. you can't really be surprised. >> and it won't stop this from seeking out this bright spot with a dark past. >> does it do it for you. >> no. but it'll be there in the back of my head from now oun. >> in san francisco kpix 5. >> kind of a gruesome ending to a homecoming game at a los angeles high school. two students' fingers were cut off during a game of tug of war. witnesses say it happened all of a sudden when rope broke. >> all i see is his fingers cut off like it was like oh my god cut it in half, you know. >> the students had surgery to reattach their fingers. superintendents say school leaders are considering whether to ban any future tug of wars. they were supposed to be on a business trip.
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instead state workers were caught throwing your money down the gutter. bowling on the job. but the really intregs part is what they said when sam shane confronted them. >> in the middle of the day of thursday in december, our cameras caught these state workers bowling. 15 employees of the california department of parks and recreation on the clock laughing, eating and bowling. many of them arrived here in their official state vehicles to go bowling at west sacramento's capital bowl. it is the latest embarrassing episode in a state agency plagued with problems. in june it was revealed the parks department for years had been keeping a secret fund worth a whopping $54 million and they were hiding that money. they were threatening to close state parks. and just as they're trying to redeem the public thrust, we found their employees throwing gutter balls. and when they finishing bowling
11:17 pm
we followed some of the workers pack to their office in old sacramento where they actually te nighed what we clearly caught them doing. >> you weren't at the bowling allie. >> no. >> our cameras saw you at the bowling allie? have anything to say sir. >> i have no idea what you're talking about. >> do we know what we're looking at sgleer i think if you'd explain it, that would be great. >> these are pictures of people in your department bowling during the workday. >> waters say 15 employees ransack men toe for two days. he says their supervisor approved the building as a team-building exercise, which waters now says equals a mistake. >> what was going on there. >> well, this was an unfortunate and very isolated ins sdmrent they need a little bit of reality check. >> taxpayer advocate john says bowling party in the middle of a workday. . >> so i would think in the agency that the parks department
11:18 pm
would be a little bit more careful with their poll sitz and how they use their money. >> waters there will be no more bowling parties for workers in this agency while they're on the clock. >> i think we're all admitting this wasn't appropriate behavior. >> that was sam shane reporting. well all right. rudy the camel is out there looking for water and so are we. are we going to get any rain. >> that camel may be search ago little more if he finds a lake. little bit of rain. we had some, but the soaker that we need, i'm not seeing it. let's talk about tonight's clear skies, chilly night again. you've heard that one before. talk about tomorrow morning. concord 38, fremont 38, redwood city 40. san rafael 39 degrees. we always check the radar. there's not going to be any rain fall moving through. high deaf doppler radar is dry. top of year we were 36% above normal. now, we are 17% below normal.
11:19 pm
still much better than last year but that is dropping and dropping until some snow drops in this area will continue to drop. there is a little bit of relief in sight. we did have one boundary move today. western utah did not give us any rain fall. the next front will. tomorrow though on shore flow is still there. you'll have sunshine but you also will have chilly temperature sxhs little bit of brisk win coming out of the northwest. thursday next front moves through, does have a little moisture. not much. it needs zero. we could use some rain fall. we will get some on thursday. little bit of fog tomorrow morning at the coast and the city our north may valley up toward napa and sonoma. showers will arrive on thursday morning and we'll likely have some all the way through friday. highs tomorrow with on shore flow little keerl than they have recently. concord 58 should be 62 in san jose this time of year. fremont 58.
11:20 pm
san jose tomorrow 56. sunshine in pleasant hill try again. sonoma 58 and san francisco tomorrow 55 degrees. showers move in on thursday. it's something to talk about weather wise. we'll have about a quarter of an afrj of rain fall between thursday and friday then try out for the weekend. next week looks dry again. patterns have been stuck in the past couple months. the pattern we're stuck in right now, i don't see an end at least for the next two weeks. >> wow. >> little bit of rain but not much. >> do your rain dance tim. >> we've got to do something. >> all right. thanks paul. coming up why mixing diet soda and alcohol makes you plumper.
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11:24 pm
faster. the tie et mixer kind of soft spores the die jegs process of sending the alcohol into the bloodstream. >> it doesn't give your stomach anything to work off like regular soda does. >> so, in other words without the sugar the alcohol is metabolized a lot faster in your body. by the way this information comes from a study done by northern kentucky university which, of course, is jack and koch country. just don't go diet. >> well, dennis is back from new orleans, the country of everything wobderful and tasty and cay june. >> oh, man. i was overindulgence. >> really. >> trying to work it off. just going to take some time. >> by the way do you know what ravens said about the 49ers? rubbing face in it. we're next.
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state...not quite linsanity like last season with the knicks, but is averaging . jermy rin is on long list of warriors who video bribed out the leading golden state. the palo alto grabbed his averaging double digit. lyn visiting with yao ming prior
11:28 pm
to tip off as the rockets hosting the warriors. lyn finished with eight-point lead and kind of snowballed from there. houston put on a three-point shooting clinic. 14 threes in the first half alone tying an nba record. when it was all said and done they need 23 balls from beyond the arc. he had a game by 28. the final score 140 to 109 warriors winning streak is stopped. on the world cup wagon for gentleman mall meyers but the rest seen that way. they gave the match penalty and kicked him out of the fwun. bring out the exclusive kpix goal counter please. a total of six goals by the black hawks in first 12 minutes of the game then tied at three the end of one. jonathan watches puck right here. buries it. now lost two straight. the hawks win 5 to 3.
11:29 pm
time for the exclusive digest. close to a goal. michael and tommy however both with their first of the year tonight. well locker clean out day in santa clara for the super bowl runner ups and reflecting on a season that ended five yards shy of a sixth lombardi trophy. >> it wasn't our time. it wasn't our time. i mean, last year, look, we made some progressions on where we were and this year, we -- we twenty next step. >> how long tung this will last. >> for the rest of my life. >> now ravens held their super bowl parade. . >> two tickets for paradise mrz mrz mrz mrz. who's got it better than who?
11:30 pm
baltimore. >> that's wrong. why was 18 to double to beat the 49ers who can't seem to win anything lately. 60 grand for charity. puck to the face and the new york crowd still chanting crosby. crosby did return. the penguins beat the islander 12 to 2. only at seven points but at least this three looked good. that was the first half buzzer and number one i got a scary moment for gold med list lindsey vonn. she goes down. she tore her acl mcl and had a broken bone in her leg. will she be in the olympics next year? going to have to wait and see. we'll be right back.
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plus paul shaffer and the cbs orchestra. i'm alan kalter. and now you asked for it david letterman! ( captioning sponsored by worldwide pants and cbs ( band playing "late show" theme ) ( cheers and applause ) (cheers and applause) >> dave: ho! hey! (musical flourish) thank you, thank you very much. hey, if you get a chance call my sister. (laughter) >> paul: let's say hello to her. >> dave: hey! you

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